Tom Twisleton 100

Craven dialect brought back to life

Across 2017, Tom Twisleton 100 will focus on the history and stories of Craven dialect poet, farmer and Temperance advocate Tom Twisleton in the centenary year of his death.

Young people will look at stories contained in his poems and explore social issues of both local and national significance from the time of Twisleton between 1845 - 1917. These poems were written in Craven dialect over one hundred years ago. This dialect is now dying out with only around 150 speakers out there.

The heritage currently lies in old local newspapers, books of poems and the family archives and other local archive collections that are currently completely inaccessible to the general public. Thanks to support from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Settle Stories will work with local young people to change this. The project will see Twisleton’s work brought back to life through multiple mediums including new recordings of his work, available as podcasts, a family publication that will include some of the original poems, stories and images and new poems in Craven dialect by young people. The project will culminate in a celebration weekend in Settle.

Tom Twisleton 100 will give young people the opportunity to connect with their heritage. Throughout the process they will receive professional support and gain new skills including curating exhibitions, oral history interviewing, documentary research event management and public speaking.

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If you're 14-25 years old and want to find out more and get involved contact Settle Stories Heritage Project Officer, Hazel on