Sailing to Fudaraku

“Sailing to Fudaraku – The Story of African Zen” is a mythical-musical meeting of the music of Africa and the wonderful stories of Zen and Daoist teachings. Somewhere in the Southern Seas, there is an Island Paradise called Fudaraku.

Although it is a geographically real place, it is so remote from Japan that the journey there is actually impossible. In other words, to set out for Fudaraku means to renounce one’s body. Two friends, consumed by an unreasonable yearning for the fabled paradise, have cast themselves adrift from somewhere on the Pacific coast of Japan, sealed in a cabin aboard a rudderless boat. This is their story…

A true multi-instrumentalist Iwan Kushka accompanies himself on the frame drum, the mbira (African thumb-piano) and other instruments; as well as using loop pedals, drum machines and other tech-effects. This creates the soundscape which underpins the stories. 


Friday, 16 June 2017 - 7:00pm
1 hour
Adult event
Events 2017


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