Tom Twisleton 100 workshops

It's 100 years since local legend Tom Twisleton died.

Between 14-25? Join us in telling Tom's story. You could earn an Arts Award, which will look amazing on your CV and you'll have great fun in the process. 

You are invited to any of the workshops that interest you. You can drop in for just one session or join us every week. All sessions are free. 

We meet once a week, mostly on Monday's at the Joinery (behind the Ye Olde Naked Man Cafe). We do meet at other venues and times, so double check below.



Sat March 11th, 2.30-4.30pm held at the Folly, Settle

What does Craven dialect sound like? Find out and hear local dialect from the horses' mouths! Locals who speak the lingo are joining us at the Folly in Settle. Join them and hear what Tom Twisleton's poetry is really supposed to sound like. 

Mon March 13th, 6-8pm

How do you get the juice out of a lemon? You've got to have the right tools. It's the same with interviewing people. You've got to develop the right tools to get the best answers. Come and develop your interviewing skills with professional storyteller and Director of Settle Stories Sita Brand. 

Mon March 20th, 6-8pm

Now you've got the know how and have learnt the tricks of the trade, it's time to prepare your interview questions. Soon you'll be meeting descendants of Tom Twisleton. 


Mon March 27th, 6-8pm

It's time to connect with the descendants of Tom. They're based all over the world so we'll be doing Skype interviews reaching out to New Zealand and Hong Kong! We'll be using these interviews in multiple ways in the future but we're super excited that your interviews will be turned into podcasts and promoted online via Settle Stories 20,000+ digital following.

HIGHLIGHT OF MARCH! Thu March 30th, 6.30-8.30pm 

Improve your public speaking skills! A rare opportunity to receive training from an expert in her field. Canadian storyteller and voice coach Olivia Olsen is a teacher at London's Central School of Speech & Drama and teaches at the International School of Storytelling. Now she's coming to Settle to help you develop your public speaking skills. If you want to improve the way you connect with others, if you're nervous about talking in front of others, giving a presentation, any form of public speaking - this workshop is for you! This is a great chance to learn a critical life skill that will come in handy at numerous points in your life. You're invited to come to this event as a single event or if you're wanting to develop your spoken word and poetry skills and performance with us later in the year through the Tom Twisleton 100 project this will come in extreamely handy then.  




Want to come along to any of the sessions? Contact Hazel from Settle Stories.


Mob: 07399 073246

WhatsApp: @Hazel Allen