How Reading can Tackle your January Blues

January – even sometimes the word can make one feel low in spirits; it’s cold, dark, Christmas festivities are a distant memory and we usually don’t have a holiday to look forward to for at least a few weeks or months. But here at Settle Stories we have the perfect remedy for your January Blues . . . reading.

It is this time of year when people begin their ‘resolutions’ and with most people failing just a few weeks into the year, we have come up with a resolution which should actually be enjoyable for you to stick to. Rather than pledging to lose weight (we’ve never succeeded at that one either) or to spend less money (again, badly timed sales usually put paid to that resolution), why not immerse yourself in a series of uplifting and fulfilling stories?

Scientists have been waxing about the benefits of reading for years proving that reading can reduce stress, improve memory, can help keep your brain young and improves your attention span.

Settle Stories volunteer writer Charlotte says: “reading for me, particularly in the cold months of January and February allows me to escape the mundane days of winter when we’re all back to work and thinking wistfully of the summer. I can pick up a book and instantly be in the South of France or Medieval England, shopping in New York City or having dinner with a handsome stranger. Reading allows my imagination to run wild in months when I hibernate inside my house and mourn the loss of Christmas. It keeps my mood high and depending on which book I read it can even help me to keep focused on other things in my life”.

New Year is typically the time when avid readers write their list of ‘to be read’ books for the coming year so to tackle your own January Blues why not treat yourself to some books in the sales and create a list of those titles you want to read throughout the year or even just the month of January. Tag us on social media with the hashtag #ssjanuaryreadchallenge