Poetics of Fragility

'We are so much more aware of destruction. So asleep to creation.'

The Poetics of Fragility is a creative documentary that explores the idea of fragility in human life and nature. It interweaves fragments of individuals’ stories and demonstrates nature’s delicacy to reclaim fragility as intrinsic to existence, not just something to be overcome.  Shot in the San Francisco Bay Area and Buenos Aires the film features among others internationally renowned scholar-activist Angela Davis, the acclaimed US playwright Cherrie Moraga and Nora Cortiñas, the inspiring founding member of Madres de Plaza de Mayo Linea Fundadora, Argentina.

The kaleidoscopic film explores the texture, vitality and aesthetics of fragility though poetry, dramatic narration and performance. It is a formally plural work that unfolds through stories that build on each other. The contemplative film (scripted by Mani and shot by Grandi) explores documentary as a sensuous tool for social inquiry with a philosophical impulse. 

The screening will be followed by a livestreamed Q&A with Lata Mani - filmmaker (India) 

'The Poetics of Fragility is a subtle and tender message of our condition as humans...an embrace of poetic contemplation on the nature of suffering. Wonderful work!' - Lourdes Portillo, Academy Award winning filmmaker

'The Poetics of Fragility does such incredible work in putting multiple times and senses into play…Lata and Nicolas [are] multi-sensory sculptors.' - Yasmin Gunaratnam, Reader Sociology, Goldsmiths

Watch a trailer for the film here.


Sunday, 11 November 2018 - 3:00pm
2 hours
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