Change Your Story

Change Your Story is a course designed to help you rethink the way you look at life’s difficulties, manage stress and anxiety levels. It will help you to shift your perspective and reassess your experiences. The Course is made up of a workbook and videos and audio files.

Previous participants comments:

“I felt the course to be a creative means of sharing and facilitating mindfulness and NLP teachings and practices in a way that is very accessible to people. It has covered difficult aspects of being human in a safe and supportive way”

“It has been an extremely enjoyable course." 

“Thank you for offering this course, it has actually improved my life so much and therefore the lives of all I come into contact with”

 100% of participants said the course helped them learn new techniques and skills to understand themselves better.

This downladable course is free. Donations are welcome. Please make your donation on the checkout page.

Your workbook will be emailed to you.