My Favourite Doll

Would you like to be a story collector or a story giver?

We are collecting stories of dolls and teddy bears. 

Dolls and teddy bear stir memories of childhood and community. Almost everyone will have or have had a favorite doll or teddy bear with untold stories to be discovered.

Whether your doll or teddy bear has been on adventures to Paris or Barcelona, or maybe just to the bottom of your garden, your story is unique and like none other. We would like to hear it. Dolls and teddy bears can be made out of anything and everything, from cloth to porcelain and from wood to fur. There may be two, three or a hundred dolls that have the same design as yours, but no memory or adventure you have shared with your doll or teddy bear is the same and as unique as yours.

At least 30 of these unique stories will be turned into audio stories that the public will be able to enjoy and featured in the new Listening Gallery in the center of Settle.

For story givers

Come and share your wild adventures with your doll or teddy. You will be recorded and your story could feature in the new Listening Gallery in Settle. 

For story collectors

Maybe you'd like to collect stories from in our community. As a collector, you will receive training in interviewing and join a group of enthusiastic volunteers of all ages. 

For more information please contact Settle Stories on 01729 822292 or