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Tales of the Dales: “The Atmosphere and Personality of the Place”

One of the many things that attracts people to Settle is the stunning Yorkshire Dales scenery that surrounds it, and this year’s festival will be paying tribute to the beauty, history, and folklore of the Dales with a reading, book-signing, and exhibition from a local man whose latest book is a celebration of this beautiful area.

The stories within Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a story we all grew up with. It's a story we all know and love. But, have you ever thought a little more about this story and it's potential to unlock other stories? 

Stories and the Big(ger) Brother

The word 'storytelling' often conjures notions of the fanciful, the fantastical, not least the entirely fictive. Here at Settle Stories, and especially through our ongoing engagement with local schools and flagship festival we actively encourage workshops which provide outlets for creativity.

Settle Stories 2015 story

WOW - what a year we've had here at Settle Stories. From our base here in the tranquil Yorkshire Dales we've been changing the world one story at a time. 

Review: The Snow Bear

12/12/2015, Settle Stories event at Settle Victoria Hall - The Snow Bear by Hearthside Tales Reviewed by Gill O'Donnell for The Craven Herald and Pioneer

Best Books for Children at Christmas

Well it’s that time of year again when we fill up the stockings and toy boxes of our loved little ones. But aside from the latest toys and video games, what about the books that you’ll buy your children this year?

There's a Snow Bear coming to Settle!

“From One Generation to Another”: Old Stories for a Young Audience with The Snow Bear If there is a time for seeing old friends, Christmas is it. This Christmas Settle Stories are inviting an old friend to town - Chris Bostock, who last visited us at the 2013 Settle Stories Festival. 

Love stories? Love Nature? Read on...

The UK has a firmly established tradition of country writing, ranging from purveyors of wonderfully colorful narrative detail - Laurie Lee, Gavin Maxwell; to those, such as Wordsworth, who took an existential interest in the fitting of Man to landscape; to others, like Robert Macfarlane, who examine country landscapes through the sometimes mystical prism of ancient habitation and use.

The Game of Thrones of Storytelling

Dominic Kelly has been heralded as 'Compelling' by the Times and as a 'Master Storyteller' - BBC Radio. This Sunday (22.11.15) we're welcoming him to perform 'The Hero Light' in Settle. The show has been six years in the making, it's a wild epic from Irish Mythology. We thought we'd catch up with Dominic before Sunday to find out more...


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