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If you could choose any job, what would it be? Surely storyteller in residence would be high up the list? This week, we spoke to the storyteller in residence at York Theatre Royal Cath  Heinemeyer.

The Song of the Sderot Siren - Dror Kessler

The much travelled Israeli balladeer, Dror Kessler, is paying a visit to Airton this month, at the end of a tour of England and Wales.

Stories About Jack: The Unexpected Ending

'Jack and the Beanstalk that we all remember from childhood, where Jack is the unsuspecting hero. I won't be telling that.’

A closer look at storytelling in Africa

With a breathtaking range of performance experiences to his name, Githanda Githae bounds on to the Settle Stories Festival scene armed only with an electrifying presence. A Kenyan actor, teacher, theatre-group director, storyteller, and all round raconteur, Githanda breathes life into adaptations of African stories and legends as a means of breaking down inhibiting cultural barriers.

Alexander Litvinenko - a story not forgotten

The poisoning of Russian dissident Alexander  Litvinenko is a news story that many of us remember. The story first hit the news back in 2006. Was Litvinenko's cup of tea really posisoned? For years, the case went very quiet and most of us forgot the story. Most of us, but not all...

Stories don't have to be spoken

Neapolitan Folklore Finds its Way to Yorkshire!

Tales of the Dales: “The Atmosphere and Personality of the Place”

One of the many things that attracts people to Settle is the stunning Yorkshire Dales scenery that surrounds it, and this year’s festival will be paying tribute to the beauty, history, and folklore of the Dales with a reading, book-signing, and exhibition from a local man whose latest book is a celebration of this beautiful area.

The stories within Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a story we all grew up with. It's a story we all know and love. But, have you ever thought a little more about this story and it's potential to unlock other stories? 

Stories and the Big(ger) Brother

The word 'storytelling' often conjures notions of the fanciful, the fantastical, not least the entirely fictive. Here at Settle Stories, and especially through our ongoing engagement with local schools and flagship festival we actively encourage workshops which provide outlets for creativity.

Settle Stories 2015 story

WOW - what a year we've had here at Settle Stories. From our base here in the tranquil Yorkshire Dales we've been changing the world one story at a time. 


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