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The Game of Thrones of Storytelling

Dominic Kelly has been heralded as 'Compelling' by the Times and as a 'Master Storyteller' - BBC Radio. This Sunday (22.11.15) we're welcoming him to perform 'The Hero Light' in Settle. The show has been six years in the making, it's a wild epic from Irish Mythology. We thought we'd catch up with Dominic before Sunday to find out more...

Christmas and the 'Winter Ingress'

'Moreover to light a fire is the instinctive and resistant act of man, when, at the winter ingress, the curfew is sounded throughout nature. It indicates a spontaneous Promethean rebelliousness against the fiat that this recurrent season shall bring foul times, cold darkness, misery and death.

Snow Bears and Storytelling

I wasn't aware, until yesterday, that polar bears amble about at a leisurely pace so as to avoid overheating. With two layers of fur, and one hefty layer of body fat as insulation, this should come as no surprise.

A quick look at myths & legends

Myths and legends are some of the oldest tales on our planet. They are usually known as such due to their longevity and the fact they have been passed down from parent to child and friend to friend so have been changed and exaggerated over the years.

Temple Newsam: The Ghosts of the Past

If we were hoping to corroborate the work of Settle Stories by finding similar projects to our own in the region, then Temple Newsam House in Leeds might not, on the face of it, seem like the most promising starting point.

Cassandra Wye: Releasing the Genie

Review: Tales from the Cosmos - stories of the night-time sky

Myths and the oral tradition

In an era of mass communication, when information hurtles round the globe at bewildering speed, and when available choice of reading matter massively outweighs our capacity to digest even the smallest fraction of it, it is easy to forget that stories, mythical tales, narratives, were once disseminated by word of mouth.

A storyteller who wanted to be an astronaut

Since 1991, Cassandra's approach to storytelling, Stories in Motion, has taken her around the globe from the heart of the rainforest to the roof of the world, to work in temples and train stations, forests and festivals, on land and at sea. Inspired by Asian interweaving artforms, she combines elements of circus, theatre and dance to create a style of storytelling that is truly her own.

Investigating the unknown

“A philosopher once asked ‘are we human because we gaze at the stars, or do we gaze at them because we are human?’ Pointless, really . . . ‘Do the stars gaze back?’ Now, that’s a question” Neil Gaiman, Stardust

Path to Creativity

The Path to Creativity is a 3 day retreat in the centre of the peaceful and historic village of Airton in the Malhamdale countryside. This retreat will help you learn to use mindfulness as a tool to open up your ideas, park your cluttered thoughts and find your ‘Aha’ moment to help your creative ability soar.


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