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It took me by surprise

Like many good stories, the ending took me by surprise.

Advice to Aspiring Storytellers

 We asked six professional storytellers what advice they would give to aspiring storytellers.   ‘Practice, practice, and more practice’, was the recurring thread in their suggestions. But listening came a close second; followed by watch and learn from other storytellers you admire.  

Six Ways to Die on Stage

  OK, you want to be a storyteller.  Here are six ways to die on stage. First, you could fidget about up there, so that everyone is fixated on your fidgeting instead of your story. Second, you could avoid eye contact with your audience. That should do it. Third, you could try "umm-ing" and "err-ing" your way through the story, too. And you could tell a long, rambling story. That should get 'em fiddling with their smartphones in no time. You could also try talking in a slow, mon-o-to-nnn-e voice.

Meet Rona Barbour

“My advice to prospective storytellers? Practice, practice and more practice.”

Family Stories

Why not tap into all those memories, stories and creativity in your family and self-publish a book of family stories?  It's not that difficult to do.

Wiki Leaks!

Settle Stories has been working on a Wikipedia entry for W.R. (Bill) Mitchell, which we hope will appear soon - watch this space! Ten important things we learned about Bill when researching his life:

A Seasonal Story

The Miracle of the Poinsettia

Patient Voices

Telling one's own story - about what happened, and how you felt about it - can be a powerful force for changing systems.  


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