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A Seasonal Story

The Miracle of the Poinsettia

Patient Voices

Telling one's own story - about what happened, and how you felt about it - can be a powerful force for changing systems.  

Speaking With Confidence (3): Good Presentation

 OK,  you've done your preparation: You know what you want to say. And you have a strong opening to catch the audience's attention. You have hand-outs, visual aids or other props, ready and at hand. You have checked the equipment and it's working properly. You have your breathing under control (see earlier blog on managing anxiety) So you are going to read out verbatim from your prepared script, right?

Speaking with Confidence (2): Preparation

Preparation is an essential element in public speaking.  If you go into a room thinking you will wing it with an audience, you will probably crash - and will deserve to. So good preparation. What's involved?

A Poem for Remembrance Sunday (and after)

  At The Cenotaph I saw the Prince of Darkness, with his Staff,

We've Won a Purple Star!

Over the last few months Settle Stories has published a series of articles on Squidoo, the international social networking and marketing site, on topics related to storytellers and storytelling.  

Taffy's in town

We are delighted to welcome Taffy Thomas, storyteller extraordinaire, to the 2013 Settle Storytelling Festival.


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