Den Building

Den building with Paul Bateson

Today we're going outside to make dens with expert den maker Paul Bateson.

But we're not making any old dens. We're making dens totally unique to you, poetry dens. This will get you thinking about the beauty of the local area and local legend and poet Tom Twisleton.

Your poetry will be inspired by positive aspects of the enviroment around you and by the fascinating facts about Tom Twisleton that you'll learn throughout the day. You'll pick up old craven dialect and discover how people used to speak in this area, the dialect and the slang. Once you've mastered the lingo you'll devise your own poems in the same style.

Through a range of excerises across the day, your den will become a space where people can learn more about Tom Twisleton, full of interesting facts and of course your poem.

 More about the facilitator, Paul Bateson

Paul is an experienced teacher of drama who is passionate about values led education. He has taught for 10 years and has recently completed an MA (Education) with a focus on dramatic technique - 'Mantle of the expert'. He has also worked as a writer, performer and workshop leader in theatre for young people and various community projects with adults for a number of years.  

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Friday, 4 August 2017 - 10:00am
6 hours
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